Intermediately Management

Intermediately Management or management on time is the time wise and time-limited takeover of management-functions. It is either the bridge over of vacancies like for example

  • Interim manager or deputy manager

or special tasks with unique character like for example:

  • Project-management
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Turn-around

Management on time is management on the spot, that means during the work of the use, the manager is fully integrated on time into the company. This means:

  • Working place by the client
  • Five days working week (or in acc. to an agreement)
  • Working time like the client

The use as managers on time takes place in the job-relationship in principle (OR 394 ffs). Type and duration of the use are agreed in a corresponding contract. The main-differences to the employment relationship are:

  • anytime terminable
  • no personnel-extra expenses (AHV, BVG etc)

Respecting the liability, no differences exist to the employment contract.


The main focus of the activity lies in the investment-goods-industry. Essential impulses and experiences–especially in the areas marketing and distribution comes from the consumption-goods-industry and the service-area. The most important industries are:

  • Electronics / electro-technology
  • Machines - and installation-construction especially machines and installations for the food-industry
  • Metal-processing

In reference in the activity-areas, the main focuses lie in the areas:

  • Technical management and distribution-management
  • Organization
  • Logistics
  • Marketing and sale